Food that fits into the fullness of your life.

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Mise en Place Marketplace - food that fits into the fullness of your life

Mise en Place Marketplace offers meal kits, fresh bakery fare, and other handcrafted goods available for pickup and delivery in the Duluth area. Our food is locally made and readied with care to bring a taste of our table home to yours.

"Mise en place" is a french term meaning "everything in its place." In the kitchen, it is used as a measure of readiness. A cook will set their mise en place by preparing all ingredients and gathering all the tools she’ll need for a busy, Saturday dinner service. The dynamic thinking and organization of mise en place is the measure of a good cook—never under-prepared, never over-prepped.

For us, at Mise en Place Marketplace, the key is this balance, what the Swedish might call "lagom"—not too little and not too much. In the flurry of a busy service, there is no space for excess and no time for not enough. It is a balance we strike. We’re always aiming for just right: a meal that fills us up without
weighing us down, a tomato perfectly in season, a duck breast 20 seconds shy of medium-rare.

In our meal kits, in our marketplace, we aim to be ready with precisely what’s needed. Our meal kits arrive with all things in their place, prepped and ready for your kitchen. Our virtual marketplace shelves are stocked with the kind of handcrafted food that we used to find in open-air markets, the neighborhood deli, at the bakery round the corner. It is the kind of food that brightens the table and reminds us of home.

We won’t have everything available all the time, but what we have will be right: seasonally responsive, thoughtfully sourced, and designed with care to fit into the fullness of your life.